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Can I use one BOMA BEST questionnaire for multiple buildings?


In most cases, each individual building must use a single questionnaire. However, it is possible for multiple buildings/structures to be assessed using a single questionnaire.

Multiple buildings (or towers/structures) are considered an individual building and can complete only one questionnaire, if the following three (3) requirements are met:

  1. The buildings must share an actual, physical connection that is complete and indivisible (i.e. a shared functional space that cannot be divided such as underground parking, an atrium, or conference space). Hallways or interior walking paths between buildings are not considered functional, shared space, even if they are lighted and/or heated. This requirement is consistent with the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager (ESPM) definition of a “single structure”.
  2. Buildings must be managed by the same management company and share policies.
  3. Buildings must have the same primary use type (75% or more of each building is dedicated to the same use, such as “office”).
    • Exception: this final requirement is only necessary if the building is seeking an ENERGY STAR Score. If the structures have different primary use types then it can likely be assessed using a single Universal questionnaire (and won't be eligible for ENERGY STAR).

Some examples are provided here:

Aspects that are not taken into consideration in the definition of an individual building:

  • Age of construction of each structure in the building
  • Whether utilities are shared
  • Whether consumption is sub-metered
  • Whether HVAC equipment or other technologies are shared

If your multiple structures meet the requirements for an individual building, assess them using a single questionnaire. All structures in the complex must be included in the assessment (e.g. a complex with 4 towers must assess all 4 towers, not simply a part of the complex).

For information on benchmarking energy and water for multiples structures that qualify as an individual building, click here.

Contact info@bomabest.org if you have any questions.